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Extra sound files for Scenario and Mod making


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Over 20 thousand .mp3 and .wav files. Taunts, speeches, screams, etc. All of these are medieval and can perfectly used for a Scenario you are making or for a Mod.

Many different .wav and .mp3 files can be found here - [You must login to view link]

You can open a Subfolder, if you follow that link and it leads to all of the sound files, so you can listen to them without downloading the big .zip file and then choose yourself what you want.

Credits for making the sound files go to

Music SFX & Dialog
Jeff van Dyck, Richard Vaughan, James Vincent
Additional Musicians
Angela van Dyck, Terry Greisbach, Prasant Moorthy
Pre Battle Speeches
Mike Brunton
Voice Casting
Andy Emery & Cheryl Prince of Side UK
Voice Direction
Andy Walsh & Olivier Deslandes of Side UK
Sound Engineer
Phil Evans of Side UK
Vocal Talent
Tim Bentinck, Steffan Boje, Walter Bonacker, Emmanuel Bonami, Brian Bowles, Angelo Cola, Stephane Conicord, Maria Darling, David De Keyser, Olivier Deslandes, Ken Drury, Chris Fairbank, Javier Fernandez, Wayne Forrester, Jon Glover, Framboise Gommendy, Simon Greenall, Stephen Grief, Stephan Grothgar, Sarah Hadland, Togo Igawa, Jessica Juffre, Jonathan Keeble, Jonathan Kydd, Dhafer L'Abidine, Aletta Lawson, Lewis Macleod, Neil McCaul, Graham McTavish, Olag Mirochincov, Alex Norton, Lucy Robinson, Kerry Shale, Slav Shumor, Philippe Smolikowski, Luis Soto, Robbie Stevens, Dai Tabuchi, Keith Wickham
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Great ;afro
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