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E S Mod balances 1.01Maps : Ramdom map setErebus and archipelago added.Midgard and water hole deleted.Alfheim like 1.01 voobly balance patch.Walls :- Repair ratedNormal villanger -8%Atlantean Villager -8%Norse soldiers human -8%- The technology of the engineers change bonus and now grant:Fire siphon 20% + damage vs walls and 14 +% vs towers.Helepolis 18% + damage vs walls and 10 +% vs towers. Petrobolos 15% + vs walls and 15 +% vs towers. Portable ram 20 +% vs walls and 10 +% vs towers.ballista 13% + vs walls and 5 +% vs towers.Chaeroballista 150 +% vs walls and 50 +% vs towers.catapult 5% vs wallsSiegue tower 5% + vs walls and 10% + vs towers-OthersStone Wall tech search more fast, 20 seconds.Helepolis / Petrobolos / Ballista receive bonus damage against gates due to always missing every projectile but one (x3/x3/x4 bonus respectively).Petrobolos and Ballista receive bonus damage against towers, due to almost always missing one (or more) projectiles (x1.5 and x1.33, respectively).General :- Great Hunt, Undermine, and Frost are fully accurate (bug fix basically).- Heroic fleet is more cheap, 138 food and wood. (instead 200) And can make in archaic.- Fixed a bug that Crenellations technology did not affect Hero Contarius.- all cavalry 20% + bonus vs villagers (raiding cavalry 10%+ and hetairoi 30%+)- trackting towers 5.01- Watch tower tech now cost 100 wood + 50 gold- The Bow of Artemis relic now affects satyrs- The Scarab Pendant Relic's effect on the Portable Ram, the Helepolis, and the Siege Tower has been reduced to +20% (from +100%).- Tusk of the Iron Boar relic now affects Contarius Hero (before it affected Contarius, but not the hero).Civilizations :Greeks- All greek hero have 50hp+- Petrobolos now have 60% crush and pierce armor.- Hipikkons have 10%+ bonus vs centMajor godsZeus- Bolt no longer affects villagers.- Bolt no affect nidhogg and son of osiris.- Belephoront special atack damage reduce to 50 hack damage And normal damage reduce -5.- Hercules 200% bonus vs builds.Poseidon- Favor increase to 13%+- The argo crush damage 1+, train time changed to 5 secons (instead 17) bonus vs mitic unit decrease to 300% instead 600%, can make in clasic- Polyphemus’ speed increased from 3.5 to 4.0. His melee range increased to .5 (both attack and special). Polyphemus receives +300% damage vs buildings.- Hetairoi's hitpoints increased by 20, to 130. Towers do 50% less damage vs Hetairoi.- Hetairois now have 5.02 speed.- Lord of horses now cost 125 food and 5 favor (instead 150 food and 10 favor) and afect pegasus.Hades- Favor increase to 13%+-Quiron +100% bonus vs villangers have 6.50 speed-Aquiles now have 5.75 speed and +10% bonus vs heros.-Perseus especial atack now have 16 range, 20 seconds recharge time, can be used in all units (except fly units and heros) and have +50% bonus vs heros- Shades are now affected by armory upgrades.- gastraphetes cost 100 wood- Vault of erebus 1 gold per seconsMinor godsAres- Cyclops 20% + vs buildings, 70% + vs walls.- Enyo's Bow of Horror deimos and phobos give 10%+ bonus vs mytich with toxotes hoplites hypaspits hipikkons and prodromos.- Deimos affect hipikkons and phobos affect prodromos.- Cyclops' upgrade Will of Kronos' favor cost reduced to 20 (from 25) add 50%+ bonus vs walls .Afrodite- golden apple 25%+ favorApollo- Reduced Underworld Passage repair rate by 75%.Artemis- Shafts of Plague now also affects Gastraphetes and PeltastEgyptians - Pharaon bost increase to 24%+ and ra to 27%+ resurrection time increase to 3 minutes.- market, granary, camps have 20%- hp (market 960)- Siege camp 960 hp.- Catapult pop 5- Catapult pierce and crush armor less to 60%- Siege tower pop cost now 4 (instead 3) and crush armor less to 60%.- Chariot archer have -10 malus vs cavalry, 5.01 speed to dodge arrows (except towers)- Infantry merc 15% pierce armor (Limited to 8) Cavalry merc 15% hack armor (limited to 5)- War elephant now training time is 20 secons (instead 15)- vills monument 5%+ favor- Soldier monument 5%+ favor- priest monument 10%+ favor- Pharaoh monument have 10%+ favor bonus- Gods monument 10%+ favor.- Minion -80% vs heroesMajor godsRa- Ra priest gather bonus decrease to 10% (insteat 15%)Set- Feral can search in temple.- Set's animals spawned from the Pharoah and temple have been improved, as follows:---a. Ape of Set - Favor cost lowered to 3 in Archaic age, 2 in Classical age.---b. Gazelle of Set - Favor cost lowered to 2.---c. Hyena of Set - Favor cost reduced to 3.---d. Giraffe of Set - Favor cost reduced to 3.---e. Crocodile of Set - Favor cost reduced to 4.---f. Hippopatamos of Set - Favor cost reduced to 4.---g. Rhinoceros of Set - Favor cost reduced to 6.---h. These animals all have a population of 1, exept for the Rhinoceros, which is 2.Minor godsPhat- SS no affect ox cart and heroes (except pharaoh and priest)Anubis- Feet of the jacal add 8%+ vs vills to anubite- Anubites now have 5.55 speed.- Serpent Spear's cost decreased to 185f 10 Favor (from 250F 12 favor).- Sea Snake's hack armor increased to 30/35 (from 5/20). Serpeant's armor increased to 30/35 (from 15/20).Osiris - Momy now cost 300 gold.Hathor- Rocs garrison units limit now is 5 units.Sekmeth- Slings of the Sun now cost 100 gold 20 favor. (instead 200 gold 20 favor)Norses- Throwing axeman 200%+ bonus vs myrmidon- Ox cart garrison 5 vills.- OX cart no can garrison in towers- Axe of Muspell now grants a 2.0 attack bonus against flying units and +10% to mitics units. give 2+ range.- The Portable Ram's speed increased from 3.25 to 3.5; training time diminished from 20s to 15s.- Battering Ram hack armor increased from 5% to 10%.- Hersis build tc rated increase to 2.0, docks 1.5, general 1.1. - Hersis favor gather increase 5%+ and battle 10%+Major GodsLoki- Loki ox cart 4.93 speed.Odin- Odin’s regeneration rate improved so that it now also has an active regeneration (same rate when unit is active or standing still). The active regeneration rate is .2 HP/Second
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